Crowns are an ideal solution for several restorative concerns and allow you to correct and protect decayed, cracked, and weakened teeth while maintaining a natural appearance. These versatile components also offer cosmetic benefits by covering up stains, discoloration, and structural issues, rejuvenating your smile.

Crown installation is a multi-step process that usually involves two visits with Dr. Shepherd. First, the affected tooth is carefully reshaped to accommodate the crown. A local anesthetic is administered to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout this stage of the process. A mold will then be taken of the newly reshaped tooth as well as the surrounding teeth that will act as a template for your crown. The crown itself is custom-made by our highly regarded dental lab and tailored to ensure it fits seamlessly with the surrounding teeth in terms of shape, appearance, and color. While the crown is being manufactured, Dr. Shepherd will fit you with a temporary crown to allow you to minimize aesthetic and functional disruption.

Once your new crown is returned to our practice, Dr. Shepherd will set it and make sure it fits, looks, and functions the way it should. At home, you should care of your new crown just like you do your natural teeth to help ensure you can enjoy your new smile for years to come.

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