For many, dentures can be an excellent way to replace missing teeth and offer both full and partial options to address each patient's unique situation.

Conventional Full Dentures

Conventional full dentures can allow you to regain both appearance and function following the removal of all your natural teeth. With this method, the dentures are not placed until the gum tissue has fully healed after extraction, which could take several months. Temporary teeth will not be placed, as they may disrupt the healing process, so you will be without teeth for a period of time

 Immediate Full Dentures

When you opt for immediate full dentures, also know as same-day dentures, Dr. Shepherd will take measurements of your mouth and has the dentures tailored to those measurements prior to removing your natural teeth. He will then extract your natural teeth and immediately place the newly created dentures in your mouth, ensuring that you do not have to spend any time without teeth. After a few weeks you will return to our office for refitting and tightening of your denture to accommodate for the changing shape of your mouth as it heals from extraction.

 Partial Dentures

Partial dentures give you a removable alternative to dental bridges to replace missing teeth. 

 What to Expect From Your Dentures

Whatever type of dentures you choose, there may be a period of acclimation during which they can affect the way you eat, drink, or talk. This is temporary. As your mouth becomes accustomed to your new dentures, they will begin to feel like an extension of your natural mouth and fully normal function will be restored. If you have any concerns about your dentures, we are always available to provide advice and make adjustments. We make every effort to ensure your dentures are as comfortable as possible to optimize your satisfaction and quality of life.

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