Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are invaluable diagnostic tools that enhance the precision of imaging. Using high resolution digital sensors, our digital x-ray machines give Dr. Shepherd the ability to examine the teeth and surrounding structures with incredible detail for the highest level of diagnostic clarity. Even small changes, such as bone loss around a single tooth, can be easily detected, allowing you to take early corrective action if needed. As an additional benefit, digital x-rays use approximately 80% less radiation than a regular x-ray, increasing patient safety.

Dr. Shepherd uses only digital x-rays and has also invested in a digital panoramic x-ray machine, making it possible to take one x-ray of all teeth in 20 seconds without placing any sensors inside the mouth. This is a tremendous relief for patients with a small mouth, severe gag reflex, or protruding bone on the inside of the lower jaw, also known as tori or exostoses.

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