Intraoral Scanner

Our Carestream CS 3500 intraoral scanner allows us to create precise 2D and 3D digital impressions for crowns and bridges. The CS 3500 replaces most traditional crown and bridge impressions to provide more accurate and reliable impressions with greater comfort for the patient, enhancing both restoration quality and the patient experience. There are still specific situations where traditional methods must be used but we are constantly seeking ways to eliminate them.

The Benefits of Digital 3D Impressions

Improved Comfort and Control

Digital impressions mean no gooey, runny impression material that can cause gagging, discomfort, and anxiety. The impression-taking process can be paused at any time if you feel uncomfortable and resumed as soon as you feel ready, without having to re-take the whole impression, which is the case with traditional impressions.

Increased Accuracy

The chance of human and processing errors in our lab or the dental lab making the restoration are greatly minimized because the digital impressions are sent directly to the digitally controlled milling machine. The errors that can be introduced with traditional impression materials (such as shrinkage, expansion, air bubbles, tearing) and impression-taking processes are entirely eliminated with this technology.

Higher Quality and Better Fit

The outstanding level of accuracy offered by digital impressions means that the final crown is made to your exact specifications, ensuring a higher quality crown with a very precise fit.

Faster Service

Digital impressions have a faster turnaround time in the laboratory, which means that Dr. Shepherd can give you your final restoration faster, with a better fit, smoother surfaces, and easier cleaning than temporary crowns. With digital 3D impressions, we save approximately one week of processing time.

Using a compact, handheld scanning device, the CS 3500 is able to capture oral structure information with extraordinary detail and precision. The captured data is then sent via secure e-mail to the laboratory in Irvine, California for verification of data integrity and manufacturing of the restoration.

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