Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers have revolutionized the field of dentistry and drastically improve patient experiences by allowing us to perform gentle, minimally invasive, and highly precise treatment. Unlike rotary instruments, lasers do not cause vibration or pressure. As a result, there is much less risk of pain or discomfort during treatment; many patients don't feel anything at all. By replacing traditional drills and scalpels, these remarkable and versatile tools can not only provide more comfortable treatment, but reduce fear and anxiety and encourage more rapid healing to let you get back your life. 

The Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Our dental laser, the Biolase Waterlase is made in Southern California and used for more than half of our dental procedures, including decay removal and cavity preparation, gum and bone surgery, and gum contouring

Employing laser technology provides a wide array of benefits for patients, including:

  • Gum surgery can be performed without needles or stitches.

  • Teeth can be prepared for fillings without injections or drills.

  • There is often no need for anesthetic injection, as pain is greatly reduced.

  • Reduced trauma to teeth and gums and faster healing of tissue.

  • Lower risk of bacterial contamination.

  • Reduced or no bleeding, swelling, and recovery time.

  • Patients can eat, drink, and talk immediately after surgery without discomfort.

  • Treatment time is reduced, meaning you spend less time in the dentist chair.

The Biolase Waterlase dental laser is easily adjustable and ideal for performing micro-dentistry where only the minutest amounts of  decayed tooth structure, soft tissue or bone is removed to preserve surrounding healthy structures.  

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