Scaling & Root Planing

When plaque and tartar accumulate far below the gum line, beyond the reach of toothbrushes, floss, and even normal dental cleanings, scaling and root planing is necessary to remove the tartar, reduce inflammation, and allow the gums to heal.  Also known as deep cleaning, scaling and root planing uses ultrasonic and manual instruments designed specifically for subgingival cleanings to ensure the area is spotless, smooth, and free from harmful bacteria. Due to the thoroughness and precision of the process, deep cleanings are usually performed on one area of the mouth per appointment to ensure that each portion receives the time and attention it needs.

If you have periodontal disease, scaling and root planing is usually the first step in your soft tissue management program because it's the most effective way to prevent progression, encourage gum re-attachment, and protect against bone loss. Some patients may only need a single deep cleaning while others require deep cleaning as part of their regular maintenance. 

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